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Authentic Connection


When you connect with people we authentically like, admire or respect, it elevates how we feel about ourselves. Staying connected requires effort and time. In our daily routines, it is easy to feel we don’t have time for one more commitment, and let connections slip away. People and our connections, however, are at the [...]

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Managing Focus


The ability to focus is one of the most valuable skills to master. When we are able to stay engaged and avoid distractions, we complete tasks more quickly and make less mistakes. By eliminating distractions, we can enhance our focus. A distraction is anything that shifts your attention away from what you are working [...]

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Beyond Fears


When we feel afraid of something, we can choose to move beyond it or allow it to paralyze us. In choosing to move past, it almost inevitably becomes a huge learning opportunity. One where the fear is a catalyst for the discomfort that results in change. The alternative results in maintaining the status quo. [...]

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Forgiving Ourselves


We can all agree that we are human. As such, intentionally or not, we all make mistakes. How we choose to deal with those errors may be more important than having made them in the first place. By forgiving, we allow ourselves to move forward, beyond pain, shame and guilt. By forgiving ourselves, we [...]

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Check Your Pace


“The day you stop racing, is the day you win the race” – Bob Marley Most of us move at an unsustainable pace. Juggling life, work, family, tech and lots more.  A rhythm created in hopes of completing our interminable task list and reaching often unrealistic goals. This lifestyle proves unmanageable and results in [...]

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Keep It Light


The energy we bring into a room defines the quality of our engagements. Small amounts of levity allows people to show up authentically. In a professional setting it allows teams to be themselves while relieving tension, reducing stress and inspiring productivity. By keeping it light a culture of confidence can be created.  One where [...]

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Greater Self-Compassion


The way in which we refer to ourselves can have a significant impact on our overall life satisfaction. A gentle approach to oneself allows for deeper social connections, greater emotional awareness and happiness. Conversely, when we judge ourselves we develop an inner dialogue that can keep us from the very things we aspire towards. [...]

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Growth Mindset


A growth mindset allows individuals and teams to thrive when faced with challenges. Failure becomes an opportunity rather than a hinderance. It opens up possibilities and stretches creativity and allows for greater problem solving. Focusing on the process rather the results, and staying open to constructive criticism, allows for improvement at every step. Rather [...]

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Perfectly Imperfect


Life is not perfect. Unpredictable happens. Often. Relentless pursuit of perfection in our relationships and achievements leads to depression, anxiety, stress and frustration. Simply embracing that our imperfections are actually qualities that make us unique, alters how we approach our daily lives. By shifting the focus from over achieving to awareness for often overlooked [...]

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Collaboration Not Competition


Although competition can be motivating and even fun, it also happens to be inherently divisive. Collaboration on the other hand, is a culture. It’s not about one person or organization winning, but rather about progressing as a group. Truly collaborative organizations need to have this as a value, weaved into their culture organically but [...]

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