Foundfully Fridays

Hearing + Being Heard


The human desire to be heard is a crucial part of communication. Any form of communication requires at least two participants: a speaker and a listener. Speaking is about delivering information. That information must be heard. Not being heard is one of the biggest contributors to conflict in relationships and society. Being heard allows [...]

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Inner Voices


We have an inner voice that can project criticism or wisdom. This inner critic may seem like a reflection of reality, when in actually it is not.  It is a voice that developed over time to try to protect us from embarrassment, judgment and shame.  Unfortunately, rather than protect, that voice damages and holds us [...]

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Embrace Failure


Fear of failure means missed opportunities. By embracing failure, we learn and grow. Failure teaches us about ourselves and how we respond to unique situations. It can help us discover how strong we are. It allows our resilience and creativity to flourish in trying times. Failing at something can help us discover true friendships [...]

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Create Rituals


Creating rituals in our lives helps to perpetuate feelings of comfort and joy. Rituals are not only celebrations and rites of passage but they can also help us connect with family and friends. When shared and passed down from year to year, they bring a sense of familiarity to various experiences, including holidays. Identifying [...]

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Have Faith


Believing in the process and letting go of the results allows for favorable outcomes. Take it from a skeptic who always wanted tangible proof and now sees the possibilities daily. Start by having faith in yourself. In your gut, in your heart and in your inner wisdom. Continue through curiosity and an understanding that [...]

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Decision Making


Certainty may feel scarce at times. Choices however, are abundant and we always get the choice to choose. With choices comes unique challenges and responsibilities that regardless are ours.  It is through this decision making that we can move from the unknown into growth and opportunity. When we decide to make a change, step outside [...]

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Be Grateful


Nothing shifts our state of mind like gratitude. Even in the darkest moments there are little details or moments to be grateful for. These help us to move from fear, judgment or anger, into a new space or way of seeing. To discover the light and remind ourselves of positivity. To be grateful does [...]

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Time Alone


Discovering that time spent alone is a gift, opens our hearts and minds. Getting comfortable with aloneness creates space for us to learn more about our inner-self. It can provide insights, allow creative ideas to surface and self-love to grow. Aloneness does not mean loneliness. Loneliness is about our desire to connect with others. [...]

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What If?


What if it was meant to be smooth? What if ease was the norm? What if we made choices that aligned? What if we ignored the judgement of others? What if we trusted our gut? When we ask ourselves these types of questions, we can start identifying what truly serves us. We can eliminate [...]

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Time to Pivot


When our path forward seems cluttered with unspoken expectations and undesirable feelings, it’s time to pivot. In today’s world, the only constant is change. Not just any change, fast, ever-happening change. We must stay nimble, open and communicative, in order to ensure our path aligns and serves us, our bosses, co-workers and clients. Revisiting [...]

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