Foundfully Fridays

Believe It’s Possible


In order for us to reach the successes we dream of, we must start by believing. Have clarity as to what that version of you looks, acts and speaks like. And most importantly take intentional action for it to become a reality. Use these simple steps to go from where you are today, to [...]

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Mind Energy


When we are fully in alignment, we can achieve a state of optimal productivity and effortless results. Mind energy requires clarity and trust. By making space to listen to our inner wisdom and stay open, we manifest our desires effortlessly. Synchronicities are reminders of meaningful coincidences we should not overlook. Indications of what is [...]

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Imagine Greatness


Often when things are going well, we overlook the possibilities of true greatness. We remain stuck in the ‘good’ when things can be extraordinary. Breaking away from your personal status quo requires you to start imagining greatness to then reach it. Here are three steps to get you started. One, identify and get clear [...]

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Goal Setting


When considering new goals (or those that repeat) we must first get truly honest with ourselves. Is this something we are willing to take action towards, or merely a dream we have on replay? If it’s more than a wish, then a clear plan and intentional actions will get us there. Chunk things down [...]

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Risk Taking


In life as in business, taking risks requires courage. It forces us to face our fears of uncertainty. Stepping out of our comfort zone is an opportunity to improve self-awareness and build new skills. Problem solving, reframing and finding new approaches are the results. Regardless of the outcome, we grow through the process and [...]

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Notice Emotions


Noticing when we feel emotional is a significant way to better understand ourselves and allow for better choices. Begin by accepting without judgment what comes up in your body in various situations. Then use this awareness to lead you towards more aligned decisions. When we embrace tears, notice a racing heart or listen to [...]

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Going Places


Forward motion motivates and inspires continued action. Getting clear on where we want to go can be life changing. Defining the places we wish to go allows us to plan and chunk down steps to get us there. Whether we want to grow professionally, travel to a remote destination or discover a new passion, [...]

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Killing Procrastination


It is in our nature to choose short term needs over long-term benefits. It may seem that this knocks off more small things from our “to do” list, when in actuality, it’s a delay tactic. Doing this allows us to push off the larger more impactful (aka scarier or more challenging or uncomfortable) items. By [...]

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Identify Triggers


We generally feel triggered by things that challenge our core values. This in turn causes us to have dramatic reactions.  In order to alter our responses and come at things more mindfully, we must first identify the triggers. Start with noticing how you feel in your body and the recurring thoughts you have around situations like [...]

Identify Triggers2019-03-20T12:51:35+00:00

Reshape Negativity


As humans, we are wired to learn from negative experiences as a way to keep us safe. Our ancestors needed this to survive. Today, negative thoughts increase stress and decrease happiness. By catching ourselves in these unhelpful patterns, we can start to reshape negativity. Since negative thinking is often habitual, taking note of what [...]

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