Foundfully Fridays

Adapting to Change


Given that the only constant in life is that everything changes, adapting to it is inevitable to success. Leaders must be able to stay present and aware so that they are able to have clarity around what is needed for themselves and their teams. Accepting impermanence as positive allows for adjustments and minimizes resistance. [...]

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A Little Quite


It takes courage to get out of our comfort zone and identify areas we wish to improve on. Doing so publicly or with a team can make for an added layer of discomfort. When this happens, there must be a willingness to stay positive and an awareness to acknowledge oneself for the effort.  Being authentic [...]

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Making Space


It’s by creating space that we build relationships. It provides us the necessary room to foster deeper meaning with those around us and in turn more meaningful business environments. Intentional interactions remove limitations and allow for more open-communication and creative solutions. Human connections produce new knowledge and positive experiences while enhancing compassion and collaboration. [...]

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Gift of Time


Time allows for perspective. It provides us with space to mature and gain self-awareness. It builds character, diminishes judgements and provides acceptance. Take time when you need it. Embrace the moments, slow your pace, reflect on its effects and make the necessary time to notice who you have become because of its passing. Time [...]

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Coming Home


As we move through life, taking inventory of who we are, where we’ve been and where we are going, becomes inevitable. When we think about where we are today, we can’t help but reflect on a younger version of ourselves. Forcing us to acknowledge fears and embrace change. We revisit past experiences and reminisce [...]

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Ocean Sounds


With all the external noise and internal chatter, it can be challenging to hear our inner wisdom. Listening to the sounds of the ocean, chirping of birds or just being quiet in nature allows us to go inside. To shut off the competing opinions and excessive thinking and listen profoundly to what our heart [...]

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Believe It’s Possible


In order for us to reach the successes we dream of, we must start by believing. Have clarity as to what that version of you looks, acts and speaks like. And most importantly take intentional action for it to become a reality. Use these simple steps to go from where you are today, to [...]

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Mind Energy


When we are fully in alignment, we can achieve a state of optimal productivity and effortless results. Mind energy requires clarity and trust. By making space to listen to our inner wisdom and stay open, we manifest our desires effortlessly. Synchronicities are reminders of meaningful coincidences we should not overlook. Indications of what is [...]

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Imagine Greatness


Often when things are going well, we overlook the possibilities of true greatness. We remain stuck in the ‘good’ when things can be extraordinary. Breaking away from your personal status quo requires you to start imagining greatness to then reach it. Here are three steps to get you started. One, identify and get clear [...]

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Goal Setting


When considering new goals (or those that repeat) we must first get truly honest with ourselves. Is this something we are willing to take action towards, or merely a dream we have on replay? If it’s more than a wish, then a clear plan and intentional actions will get us there. Chunk things down [...]

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