Foundfully Fridays

Stop Resisting


Life always finds a way. Why not collaborate with it? Resistance only intensifies struggles. When we embrace challenges as opportunities we can get unstuck and grow. Although some negatively equate surrender with failure, in this context, it is not about giving up on life, but rather seizing to fighting with life. Failures may be as important [...]

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Do Overs


Our lives and work entail inevitable positives and negatives. Therefore, our mindset determines our outcomes. Dwelling on the past may impede forward action, while recognizing opportunities may lead to greater successes. A shoulda, woulda, coulda monkey mind breeds anxiety given the irreparable nature of the past. A more constructive approach is refocusing on the [...]

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Choose Wisely


Effective decision making arises from wise choices. Decisions and choices may sometimes seem synonymous but aren’t. Decisions are influenced by outside factors and determinism; while choices stem from unrestrained freedom. Over thinking decision-making and the perceived fear of finality can impede action. Trusting your intuition and knowing that you are not stuck with your [...]

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Magical Shifts


Merely expecting something to happen will not make it so. Uncommunicated expectations lead to disappointment. Unmet by others, they can lead to resentment. Shifting from implicit social contracts into clear understanding, requires verbalization. Once a realistic outcome is explicitly agreed to, the results shift from frustration to fulfillment. Today find where you may have [...]

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Conquering Chaos


Success means different things to different people but whatever your definition, it requires satisfaction and freedom. Finding freedom requires a mentality of growth. Growing allows you to conquer the chaos and embrace change. Businesses & entrepreneurship are dynamic not static. The only guarantee is change.  Customer needs evolve, markets shift & products become obsolete. [...]

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Wishing Gratitude


Today is my birthday. Before celebrating, I made time to reflect on this past year and how I feel today. I realized so much. Primarily that I should be celebrating YOU, not the other way around. My experiences & growth this year are a direct result of those I love, those who have challenged [...]

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Timeless Choices


We are in charge of our own happiness. Everything we pursue is a choice. Recognizing this lets us better navigate what comes our way. We can shift to and from situations in order to ensure we are living fully. By making the choices that serve us, and recognizing that our lives and decisions are [...]

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Emotional Capital


Your emotional capital is more significant than your financial capital. It defines the strength of your business. It allows you to push through and move forward no matter the obstacle. It is how you can cope with challenges, curve balls and unforeseen disappointments. Emotional capital is often lost gradually. When depleted you start to [...]

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Honey & Vinegar


Moments and experiences exist for a reason. Despite not understanding it today, choosing to embrace the journey allows us to detach from the outcome. Finding gratitude in all that life presents, helps to elevate us. It enables us to grow and learn. To surpass limitations while expanding our reach. Knowing that the challenges we [...]

Honey & Vinegar2018-06-29T13:19:18+00:00

Story Telling


Self-perception and personal attitudes are often closely tied to years of story telling. We create and perpetuate realities about who we are, what we can & cannot based on the past and on what we’ve heard from family, teachers and peers. These stories become our truths. Our reality. The way we speak to ourselves [...]

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