Foundfully Fridays

Love Yourself


Unconditionally loving yourself is the key to true happiness and unlimited possibilities. This does not mean merely liking yourself. It’s not about how you look in an outfit, feeling good about a win or new haircut. It’s about how you feel about yourself when you make a mistake, when you first wake in the [...]

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Return Kindly


When our mind wanders we often feel frustrated and unfocused. We silently judge or criticize ourselves. Thoughts and distractions are prominent. They will pull us in various directions but we can choose to return kindly to our breath and refocus. With grace and acknowledgement that mindfulness is a practice we must continuously cultivate, we [...]

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Subtract to Add


Reducing things in life that don't add value, opens up space for the things that truly matter. Whether it’s deleting social media apps, cleaning out your closet or turning off all push notifications, decluttering leaves room for living. By replacing intention for excess, we create the space to choose more wisely. We can quiet [...]

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Still & Spacious


Noticing when the mind wanders and attention wanes, is a necessary part of mindfulness. Awareness allows us to return home to the breath, where we can find stillness. Even when (if) stillness is fleeting, recognition becomes the gift. Building this muscle means less overlapping ideas, shorter ebbs & flows between  thoughts and a reduction in [...]

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Coming Together


Authenticity and vulnerability allow us to come together. They help improve results, relationships and outcomes. When we openly communicate we can connect. Despite challenges, this brings compassion and greater understanding. By embracing our true self, not only do we shine, but we permit all those in our presence to do so. How can you [...]

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Living Fully


Our time here is uncertain. Finding happiness in the little things is crucial. Living your own life fully, being an authentic version of YOU, is necessary. As we move through our days, stop waiting for the right partner, perfect career or ideal offer to come your way. Know you can define who you are [...]

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Starting Over


By focusing energy on the new, we can leave the old behind. Setting intentions allows you to positively create habits and to focus forward. Bringing opportunities rather than failure. Unlike setting resolutions, this removes pressure, and helps you to find new ways of being. Ways that are more aligned and attainable. Starting over monthly, [...]

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Upside Down


When life feels stagnant, we get unmotivated and stuck. Problems seem daunting and solutions out of reach. This is the time to get upside down. Flipping things on it’s side, seeing the world from a different angle jolts us. A mere change of perspective will result in changes. Shifts and forward motion are within [...]

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Get Uncomfortable


Being in the comfort zone is where routine and familiarity live. Regularity minimizes stress and risk, providing us a state of mental security. Breaking from this can feel daunting and unnatural. Comfort however, kills productivity. It keeps us in a safe place, where we do the minimum and just go through the motions. We [...]

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Love is Everywhere


It’s in the little moments where we can truly experience love. Paying attention, then embracing it is entirely up to us. A warm feeling about a friend, noticing a smile, a song that brings up special memories, a smell that takes us back in time. Simple reminders are everywhere for the taking. We just [...]

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