Foundfully Fridays

Conscious Culture


Great companies practice mindful leadership. They recognize that inclusion and honest communication makes for higher functioning teams. Creating a culture of mindfulness requires clarity & commitment from leaders & employees.  It must be an individual and collective practice. Visual and tangible tools can facilitate this process. Curiosity and a shared language can increase trust [...]

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Unavailable By Design


Blanks spaces creates opportunities for us to define what really matters. With that comes creativity, innovation & growth. Resulting in more meaning. Being in the day-to-day, stuck in meetings, and constantly “on”, clouds our emotional ability to prioritize. Overscheduled and overwhelmed become the norm. We fail, fall short, and become derailed. This can become [...]

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Get Happier


It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. Allowing ourselves to feel what we feel without judgment minimizes stress. Notice it, move through it and breathe. Then choose to take positive action to simplify & get happy. Two simple 1-minute solutions to overwhelm are : A “gratitude break”. Take a minute and write down what you are [...]

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Love Matters


Anything you put your heart into will blossom.Our business is our garden. We must plant, cultivate, water, and provide light. Weeds, mites and rain may challenge growth. Stay the course. Keep nurturing. Love for the process, not the end result, is what will bring the flower and fruit. Find one area of your life or business [...]

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Think Time


Pursuing, doing and striving today can feel overwhelming. Our lives and and families are often on overdrive. We can work remotely, connect virtually and respond instantly.  We have facetime instead of real time. Quick to check social media when we should be on a media fast. Rather than simplifying life we create more noise [...]

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Just Begin


In order to fully realize your potential, you just need to start. Anything you do will make you that much better. Simple, positive actions performed over time will yield results. Doing something rather than nothing is the difference. We all have 24 hours in the day. What sets some apart from others? Choosing to [...]

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Thinking Differently


In life and business, we are often faced with challenges. We can choose to approach those as roadblocks or as opportunities. Growing through failures instead of just getting through them provides a chance for new possibilities. Focusing on faith rather than fear shifts us into action and sheds light on solutions. It is by [...]

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It is in the present that we find ourselves. We tap into deeper meaning, clearer perspectives and greater enjoyment. In order to accomplish more and discover fulfillment we must live in the moment. Simply, this begins with self-awareness. Noticing where you are and where you are not, allows you to restore yourself to the [...]

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Heavy Into Light


Our burdens weigh us down. Guilt, fear, attitudes and behaviors are not permanent. They come from old habits we’ve created. Old stories we have told ourselves repeatedly. We have the power to modify those habits and release that weight. This is done simply by new choices and decisions. Today rediscover your lightness. Let your [...]

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Less But Better


We can’t be great at everything. By narrowing our focus however, we can excel. Today’s reality of more connectivity, more devices & more accessibility creates the perception (unrealistically) that we can have (do) it all. Truth is, we still can’t. We clutter our minds creating overwhelm and dis-ease. Busying ourselves removes room for thinking [...]

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