Foundfully Fridays

Clarity of Purpose is Powerful


When we are clear on our purpose, there is no holding us back. We have the kind of motivation and determination that often defies logic. It allows us to take meaningful action and move forward even when we face adversity and nay sayers. That type clarity is what differentiates purpose driven organizations and entrepreneurs [...]

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Lead From The Heart


 “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”  - John Quincy AdamsTrue leadership is about authenticity. It is not just “being who you are”. Rather, it is about mindfully choosing to be your true self in both thought and action. Checking the ego at [...]

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Defined Boundaries = Self-Worth


Having clear boundaries is essential. They represent our level of self-worth and how much we honor the principles that guide us. It is important we prioritize both setting and respecting boundaries because they impact all areas of our lives.  When we do, we are able to define who we are instead of who we are not. They help minimize [...]

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Love and Authenticity


I’ve been introspective this week after the tragic loss of a friend. Despite the sorrow, I have found solace by making peace with the inexplicable. Today I share what this sparked for me. First, this solidified my belief that being true to yourself is the only path. Authenticity matters. We cannot and should not [...]

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You Are The Source


You are the source. This simple comment resonated deeply with me this week and affected so many areas of my life and business that I felt compelled to share it. I believe when we take personal inventory of who we are and what we want, we can truly be in charge of the outcomes. [...]

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The Missing Piece of the Communication Puzzle


The Missing Piece of the Communication Puzzle The importance of communication is undeniable. It is clear that to be an effective leader, parent or businessperson, we must ensure we are communicating our vision, desires and goals. Although we may be in agreement about the need for this, we may not all approach it in [...]

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Enough is Enough


In a world of endless likes, follows and posts, we often feel we are not doing, being or sharing enough. Often, we push through, go bigger, and overcommit to try to reach this imaginary place of “enoughness” in our lives and careers. I am here today to assert that you are enough exactly as [...]

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Surrender is the Answer to the Mindfulness Overwhelm


Many of us have plans, ideas and expectations of how we’d like life, work and things to be. We are reminded everywhere these days to be more present, define goals, have bucket lists & set intentions. We’ve all heard how every day is an opportunity to restart, to try again, to make a fresh [...]

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Mindful Beginnings Allow Us to Grow


Resolutions are often created to fix something we feel we need to improve.  Intentions on the other hand allow us to (re)build and restart.  As we move through the first week of the new year, it is important to find conscious ways to speak to ourselves. Rather than trying to overload on over ambitious [...]

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