Foundfully Fridays

More Patience


Patience helps us keep calm in the face of disappointment, deal better with stress and minimize suffering. It allows us to exhibit greater empathy, generosity and compassion. Our amygdala, is responsible for feeling out danger and regulating emotions. Yet this almond-shaped set of nerve tissues is unable to identify if we are in true [...]

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Leaving Room


When we drop expectations, we make room for the new. We create an openness to what may happen without being stuck to an outcome. When we are able to mindfully approach our lives in this manner, we are not disappointed. Conversely, we may actually feel greater joy and satisfaction even in the same situations. [...]

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Practice Gratitude


Gratitude helps us get unstuck. It is a simple, yet effective tool to help us feel more happiness. In shifting our focus, we retrain our brain. Rather than focus on what is bogging us down, we can choose to see what we are grateful for. Since gratitude is correlated with optimism, the more we [...]

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Giving Thanks


We wanted to thank those we’ve had the honor of coming into contact with this year. From those we get to work with, to those we’ve met briefly, from unexpected encounters to regular appointments. You are all impactful to us. We learn and grow personally and professionally from every experience, challenge & meaningful moment [...]

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Relinquishing Control


Letting go of the need to control others moves us from judgement to acceptance. We are able to “hold space” and walk alongside people, without trying to impact the outcome. By stepping out of the way, we let life be; opening up space. Removing an unrealistic sense of responsibility from our shoulders. Shifting away [...]

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Boundless Energy


When young, we feel there is enough time and energy to do everything we want to do. As adults, we are excited about life when we feel fulfilled and are in the present moment. This is not achieved by crossing items off a to do list or making things ‘perfect’. Rather, it comes from [...]

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Giving Back


Making a difference in even a small number of people’s lives is significant. When we look outside and give of ourselves, the repercussions are limitless. The reality is we all have a finite time on this earth. We can amass experiences, riches and all kinds of material things. We will however, depart as we [...]

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Getting Unstuck


When we hold ourselves back from our potential and feel stuck in any area of our lives, it is time for a change. Change is difficult and something we often avoid. The status quo seems safe and comfortable but won’t get us where we want to go. Action however, will. What we need is [...]

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Required vs Inspired Action


Required actions are all about following the status quo. Doing what you are supposed to be doing without thought and based on the expectation or beliefs of others. Often resulting in undesired outcomes that feel constricting and counter intuitive. Conversely, when we feel inspired we are compelled naturally. There is a fluidity and ease [...]

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Facing Fears


We have them. They can stop us from trying, asking, and doing. They may show up as excuses or justifications. Resulting in action or paralysis. As unique as they may seem, there is one undeniable shared characteristic when it comes to fears: how we deal with them. We can opt to let fears stop [...]

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